ArcheAge Update 1.2 Goes Live Today, Beta in Mid-to-Late-July

The ArcheAge alpha server will be down for maintenance this morning, but when they come back up the place will be spruced up quite a bit with a new update.

Update 1.2 will go live today. This will contain several fixes and improvements that have already been made to the Korean version, although it WILL NOT contain the Western-specific changes that Trion Worlds  has promised are coming eventually, like:

– Addition of Gilda Star traders to cross-continental trade routes.
– Adjustment of stolen trade pack split from 40% turn-in value returned to creator down to 20% returned to creator.
– Normalization of ping-dependent skills (“fast” skills with no cooldown).
– Additional Gilda Stars granted through sub-level 30 PvE relative to sailboat and small house costs.
– Removal of Bounty Hunter Cloak Arrest and Instant Judgment abilities.
– 45 Minute AFK Kick

Trion is officially calling the update ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.1.

The update will also bring with it a new North American alpha server, called Omega. Trion has also announced that its closed beta will start sometime in mid-to-late July, and the new server is being added in preparation for that.

Here are the full patch notes so you can check out the many, many changes.

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