ArcheAge Update Brings Fixes for Chat and More

Today’s update to ArcheAge makes some changes to fight spam, toughens up the Kraken and adds more healer rewards, among other fixes.

The build Version 1.2 Build 4.11 patch’s most notable feature is that it limits chat in faction, shout, trade, need party and nation channels to characters 15 or higher, which should make spammers have to work at least a little harder before they can fill your channel with messages about gold. But seriously, don’t buy gold. Just like mice and roaches, only real way to stop them is to keep it clean and starve them out.

Another change makes the Kraken only vulnerable to siege weapons for a harder encounter. The patch is currently in the process of being applied during server downtime and should be active when the servers come back up later today.

The full patch notes from Trion Worlds are below:

ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 4.11: Patch Notes

* Chatting in the Faction, Shout, Trade, Need Party, and Nation chat channels is now restricted to characters that are level 15 and higher.
* The Kraken has toughened its tentacles and now can only be damaged by siege weapons (including ship cannons). Prepare for a harder encounter with the terror of the deep, adventurers!
* Healer weapons have been added to quest rewards.
* Healer weapons have been added to Hasla weapons, redeemable using [Faded Compassion Token]s.
* Warehouses can now be expanded to a maximum of 130 slots.

* Only active trial participants may speak in Trial chat.
* Some mount icons have been updated to differentiate them.
* Added a space between the colon and text in whispers for better legibility.

* The [Seal-Point Sabrefang] battle pet is refusing to grow up and become an adult sabrefang. XLGAMES is teaching it that all little battle pets need to grow up some day. Be sure to hold onto your [Seal-Point Sabrefang], it’s being fixed!

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