ArcheAge Updates Include New Servers, Bot Bans, Daily Restarts

Today Trion Worlds posted a new update on ArcheAge and how it has been addressing some of the problems that have popped up since its Western launch.

According to the post, Trion has recently added three new North American servers to address the painfully long queue times some users were experiencing. Fortunately, new users are picking the new servers instead of cramming on to the old ones. More servers are on the way for Europe, too, but the hardware has been held up in customs until Tuesday.

The servers have also moved to daily restarts to try to stop AFK players who are trying to hold their places and working on a fix to a bug that lets people hold a spot indefinitely. And Trion says its banned 10,000 bot/fraud accounts.

To make up for some of the inconveniences, Trion is offering bonus time to Patron acc0unts and bonus set of Founder’s Pack items Founders can use if they want to move to a new server or just have an extra set.

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