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Dramatic ArcheAge Trailer Features Rock-Em Sock-Em Robot Battles

Here’s a recent promotional video from XL Games for ArcheAge content in 2015. It starts off with some beautiful, tranquil scenery and activities, like lazy Sunday morning. And then the robots attack. Fortunately, the players have some formidable abilities of their own, and they take the battle to the iron golems. It’s a fun video, […]

Is This Real Life? Is This Just ArcheAge Fantasy?

Here’s a really neat cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” composed and played in ArcheAge. And set to a slick music video! The video creator, Peter North, composed the piece on music paper in-game. Instruments played include “Musperosa’s Voice Flute for background vocal layers, Autumn Wind Horn for Freddie Mercury vocal layer, lower octaves on the […]

Tanks For the Help With Crimson Rift, Guys

ThePheronCore and pals could have ran Crimson Rift like normal people, but they decided it would be more fun to gather more than 40 tanks and take it on. After watching the video, we have to agree.  The tanks tear into the enemies with siege weapons in an impressive display of firepower. The Hounds of […]

Side Scooting For Fun and Profit (OK, Maybe Not Profit)

Here’s a video from Dremlock showing us an eccentric way to travel in ArcheAge, side scooting. Dremlock bounces a Mirage Leomorph all over ArcheAge, including, it looks like, through some other people’s battles. It’s just this kind of dedication to fooling around and finding fun and weird things to do in the sandbox that makes […]

Just a Big ‘Ole Fight

This is actually titled Faction War for Yntsere, and that it well may be, but that’s not what is is appealing about it. What’s appealing is the chaotic, large-scale nature of this PVP contest. If you want go big or go home PVP, that’s something ArcheAge serves up well. From the description the person who […]

XL Games Previews Bigger, Better Houses in ArcheAge 1.8

This new video from XL Games shows off new housing features that will be rolling out in the 1.8 version of ArcheAge. As you can see, the update includes much nicer-looking two and even three story houses. It also allows you to integrate agriculture and workshops into your houses in an aesthetically pleasing way. The […]

Guide Offers Way to Farm 1,000 Jester Coin Purses Per Hour

Need some cash in ArcheAge? Here’s one way to get it, if you’re patient and don’t mind repetitive tasks. Wait, what am I saying, you play MMORPGs, that’s the oil that keeps the genre’s engine running. WestyTV has worked out a way to get 1,000 Jester Coin Purses per hour per group. Even if RNGesus […]