ArcheAge Vs. Wildstar Vs. ESO

When it comes to MMO choices, there’s a lot of competition for your time and dollars. Three of the most hyped are the recently released The Elder Scrolls Online, the soon to be released WildStar, and ArcheAge, which is currently in alpha and should release this year? Which one to choose?

Here’s a very enthusiastic video from itsZiz comparing his experiences with all three. He finds ESO a good match for those that want solo quests, WildStar a good game for those that want grouping and raids, and ArcheAge a great game for its sandbox elements.

He says ArcheAge has a “super, super in-depth sandboxy sort of crafting system,” a meaningful economy, and an open world with and enjoyable not stuck on rails feeling. On the other hand, isZiz says he found the early questing “completely boring” and just something players will suffer through to level up to get to the good stuff. The combat system itself can also feel very repetitive. And PVP action can be “sporadic” in a way it isn’t in the other two games. Sometimes you’ll find opponents nearly instantly, sometimes you’ll spend a long time looking for an opponent.

But overall, itsZiz has positive things to say about all three games and wants them all to succeed, and says ArcheAge is a “great game you want to look forward to” if you want a sandbox.

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