ArcheAge Will Launch With Patch 1.2

The release of XL Games’ 1.0 patch in Korea has been one of the biggest worries for Western ArcheAge fans, who looked at the changes it wrought and decided that it did a lot to hamper the “sandbox” feel that made ArcheAge special.

Trion Worlds has been aware of that trepidation, and last night announced that when ArcheAge launches in the west it will skip the 1.0 patch and go straight to 1.2., which Trion promises is an improvement that retains the “sandbox” feel.

“We’re thrilled to announce that both Trion Worlds and XLGames have agreed that it’s best for us go live with Patch 1.2’s amazing improvements when we launch with English, French, and German languages in 2014. Launching with Patch 1.2 is a challenge as it adds over 70,000 words to translate. Since we want a complete English translation before introducing a larger audience to the game, this does mean that our Beta schedule has shifted by a few weeks. That means that we can’t announce a specific date for the first Beta right now, but we wanted to get the great news about the game itself out as early as possible,” said Community Manager Evan “Scapes” Berman in a post on the official ArcheAge forum.

Berman said that in addition to dialing back some of the poorly received changes of 1.0, some of the improvements in patch 1.2 include “increased experience per Labor Point spent, a searchable crafting folio that works with recipe or ingredient names, significantly reduced (from Patch 1.0) glider turbulence on the high sea, and the ability to earn experience from crafting with maxed-out professions and participating in PvP during a war. Additionally, the Marketplace (in-game store) will be available before Beta begins and we’ll grant testers sufficient currency to test it out. It’s important to note that our previously announced game improvements such as international trade routes granting Gilda Stars, storyline quests earning experience, and trade packs dividing turn-in rewards 80/20 between pack holder and pack owner will persist through this update.”

Berman said this build will be coming to the Alpha server very soon, and Trion is not waiting for it to be fully translated before putting it up, so there may be some untranslated content for a while.

No date has been given yet for either the beta, which Berman said will be delayed a few weeks because they do want 1.2 to be fully translated before beta, or the full release.

Trion will hold a livestream today at 6 p.m. ET to focus on the changes, which can be viewed here.

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