Behold the The Immortal Teleporting Bot

Bots are not human. Do not expect them to play by your human rules.

Agent North came across an apparently unkillable bot during a recent ArcheAge session in the alpha. He repeatedly tried to attack the bot, which was farming some mobs, but whenever its health would get low enough the bot blinked out of existence like a character you got too emotionally attached to on Game of Thrones.

What seems to be happening, according to others who have done some detective work on the issue, is a hack that allows the bot to teleport under the ground, and into the water that’s there. Because of the “floor” of the world they can’t be targeted, so it just chills in the primordial waters for a while and then returns to the surface to resume breaking the immersion of the game.

Trion Worlds has made it clear that it’s aware of the bot issue, but says that unfortunately the systems for breaking the bot invasions en-masse aren’t integrated yet. Those fixes will be in a coming update, it said.



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