The Bot Invasion of ArcheAge

Watch live video from Killadrix77 on TwitchTV

With every popular MMORPG, they come. Bots. Soulless automatons programmed only to earn in game currency and items so their handlers can sell it for real money to people who don’t want to grind it themselves in the game.

Killadrix77 stumbled upon a beach landing of a group of bots recently in the ArcheAge alpha. His attempts to put it down were complicated by a level 50 player who seemed to be the bots’ handler and defended them aggressively.

Trion Worlds has seen the video and responded to it on Reddit.

“Hi — Thanks for the details. Our folks started on this this morning. The systems for dealing with them en masse are not integrated yet, so people may end up hanging around in game a day longer than they should have.
This is unfortunately similar to the spam issue (where we currently need to manually deal with reports one by one) — This alpha version of the game is not yet integrated with our systems for taking care of bots/spam/etc. XL has that in a coming update for us,” Trion wrote.

Bots can be a major problem for games, breaking immersion, hogging bosses and NPCs, and just generally getting in the way of real human players. They have been choking the recently rolled out The Elder Scrolls Online. So hopefully a fix will come soon.

Oh, and stop buying gold! They won’t come if they don’t have a reason.

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