Bust Some Sweet Tricks on These ArcheAge Skateboards

So what do you think of when you think of MMORPGs? A Switch No Comply Frontside 360 Heelflip?

Then you aren’t thinking of ArcheAge.

Okay, so the tricks might not be that elaborate, but skateboards (they look a little more like offroad longboards) are coming to ArcheAge in Korea as part of the upcoming 1.7 ArcheAge update due later this month.

No complaining about the fact that skating through ArcheAge fantasy worlds looking like some 17-year-old kid from SoCal breaks the immersion, that window closed a long time ago with the race car also featured in the vid. The boards do look like they’d be a convenient and quick way to get around, let’s hope they aren’t obscenely expensive.

This content is probably a long time coming for the western release, which is expected to launch later this year with a version of update 1.2.

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