What Can You Buy at the ArcheAge Cash Shop?

If you want to, you can get what most of you want in ArcheAge by grinding away and quests, crafting and activities. But if you’ve got money and not a lot of patience, there’s a recently opened cash shop that’ll make things a lot quicker for a little of your real world gold. And it will also offer some exclusive bling to let you lord over your poorer friends a bit.

Monkey Business Gaming checked it out. The fact that off the bat in the video they now have super gliders with boosts, the ability to shoot down other gliders, and an airstrike should make that obvious. They also bought armor that speeds up their mounts, special mounts, labor point restoration potions, costumes, a chance to recraft your character’s appearance and gender with some exclusive to the cash shop options.

There are also items on the shop that can be bought with the loyalty tokens Patron members earn by logging in each day.

None of it looks particularly game breaking, or like it gives cash-paying members too much of an advantage, but they’ll certainly have an easier time.

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