One Player’s Take on Where ArcheAge Falls Short

With an upcoming game release it’s pretty easy to fall into a cycle of hype, hype, hype. But sometimes it’s a good thing to take a step back and look at where a game can be improved. Israii has done this with a well thought-out blog post on ArcheAge’s short-comings, and even if you don’t […]

Make Your ArcheAge Character Look Awesome … With Spreadsheets?

Okay, yes, spreadsheets are boring. But awesome godlike armor is cool, and the most awesome and most godlike armor in ArcheAge is what you craft yourself, so these spreadsheets by thekinyo on Reddit are a nice resource. They tell you what materials you need to make plate, leather, and cloth sets, so you’ll know how […]

One Gamer’s Top Five Reasons ArcheAge is Awesome

This video from The XPGamers shows off five of the reasons ArcheAge is awesome, describing it as something close to the spiritual successor to Ultima Online. The video focuses on: • The opportunities provided by naval combat and exploration in the game, ranging from piracy and just diving for treasure. • The game’s robust class creation system […]

Hook the Big One With ArcheAge Fishing

Fishing. Most MMO players groan at the mention of it. But ArcheAge isn’t most MMOs, and the sandbox gameplay XL Games has created, and Trion Worlds will soon bring to the west, extends even to deeper and more rewarding fishing with variety in poles, bait, even fishing boats with tanks and other gear specifically for […]

Explore ‘Class Crafting’ in ArcheAge

Trion Worlds has released the third in their “Exploring ArcheAge” video series. In this video Producer Victoria “FireCait” Voss and Community Manager Evan “Scapes” Berman take a look at mixing the game’s combat and crafting skills while leveling to customize a character, a process they call “Class Crafting.”

ArcheAge Crafting Tutorial

ArcheAge wouldn’t be much of a sandox MMO without a robust crafting system. But a robust crafting system means complexities that players might overlook. Here is a very helpful video from BoneFireTV to help you figure out the ends and outs of making sweet gear.

Explore ArcheAge Housing in This New Video

This new developer video from Trion Worlds shows off the housing systems in ArcheAge, including claiming the land, doing the build, and then defending it from other players. It was captured from a Trion Worlds’ livestream on Friday afternoon.