ArcheAge Producer Previews 2015 Improvements

New ArcheAge Producer Mervin Lee Kwai has promised that Trion Worlds will tackle many of the problems that most irritate ArcheAge players this year. In a new interview with, Kwai talked about bots, combating ArcheAge inflation, loyalty store items, arena and fishing tourneys, top tier rewards and new upcoming content. Check out the full […]

One Weird Trick to Leveling Fishing

I admit it, I like to fish in MMOs and RPGs. I know I could be out slaying monsters and stuff, but dammit, there’s fish to catch. MMOsite gets me. It also gets that leveling up fishing can be a tedious pain in the butt, so it’s created a guide to leveling it up quickly. […]

Tips For Starting Your Own Yata Farm and More

Monkey Business Gaming has produced another great ArcheAge video. This one eschews the actual monkey business a bit for some serious tips about starting and running a yata farm for profit and powerful mounts. Encouraging yatas to have the sexy times and breed turns out to be a more complex process than you’d think, even […]

The Dangers of Going AFK at the Docks

Yesterday, I alluded to the fact that AFK (Away From Keyboard) fishing, or going AFK near water for any reason, can be risky in ArcheAge. There’s a chance when you’re AFK you’ll get trolled and someone will try to drown you or push you into the water to where you can be ganked. Leave it […]

Two ArcheAge Guides To Fishing

It’s often the smaller touches that set ArcheAge apart. Fishing, a really dumb waste of time in many MMOs, is actually interesting and important in ArcheAge. It’s a big enough deal that I’ve got not one, but two ArcheAge fishing guides for you. The first, from Pohx Kappa, is a video guide. Pohx spends nearly […]