Be Better at PVP With This Stormchaser Guide

Are you interested in playing the Stormchaser build. Got five minutes? Then check out this video from Dremlock that gives you some hints and tips to be a better Stormchaser in PVP. Even if you’re not looking for build and tactics tips, the PVP in the video is impressive as Dremlock takes on well-geared opponents […]

One Weird Trick to Leveling Fishing

I admit it, I like to fish in MMOs and RPGs. I know I could be out slaying monsters and stuff, but dammit, there’s fish to catch. MMOsite gets me. It also gets that leveling up fishing can be a tedious pain in the butt, so it’s created a guide to leveling it up quickly. […]

Tanks For the Help With Crimson Rift, Guys

ThePheronCore and pals could have ran Crimson Rift like normal people, but they decided it would be more fun to gather more than 40 tanks and take it on. After watching the video, we have to agree.  The tanks tear into the enemies with siege weapons in an impressive display of firepower. The Hounds of […]

Just a Big ‘Ole Fight

This is actually titled Faction War for Yntsere, and that it well may be, but that’s not what is is appealing about it. What’s appealing is the chaotic, large-scale nature of this PVP contest. If you want go big or go home PVP, that’s something ArcheAge serves up well. From the description the person who […]

Guide Offers Way to Farm 1,000 Jester Coin Purses Per Hour

Need some cash in ArcheAge? Here’s one way to get it, if you’re patient and don’t mind repetitive tasks. Wait, what am I saying, you play MMORPGs, that’s the oil that keeps the genre’s engine running. WestyTV has worked out a way to get 1,000 Jester Coin Purses per hour per group. Even if RNGesus […]

Enjoy a Scenic Underwater ArcheAge Drive

Here’s a bit of post-holiday whimsy, and an answer to a question few have probably asked. How fast can a car go under water in ArcheAge? Looks like the answer is at least 44 meters a second. The maker of the video claims to have gone 50 meters a second, but we’re going to go […]

It’s Five Verus Freedich in Fun ArcheAge PVP Vid

Here’s a video from Ides Gaming that shows that when the conditions are right, ArcheAge can offer one of the most fun PVP experiences on the market. In this video Aladdin and four friends steal some packs and head to turn them in at Freedich, where to their surprise, they were met with a lot […]