Get Thunderstruck With ThunderCheck Tree Calculator

Thunderstruck trees are a thing that would be hard to explain to normal, non-MMORPG playing people. Fortunately, we don’t have to explain ourselves to their kind, especially if we have better things to do like wait around for a tree that’s been struck by lightning so we can build a tractor. Instead of just praying […]

An Unbearably Cute ArcheAge Mount Video

BikestMan always reliably brings the funny, and this video of him riding his bear mount is no exception. The bear runs wild and free, tearing through towns and wilderness, occasionally picking his owner up like a little baby and carrying him. Getting a mount as cool as the Fast Black Bear is not easy or […]

Tips For Playing ArcheAge F2P and Progress on Fighting Bots

Scion Storm has put together a nice new video that offers some helpful advice to two types of ArcheAge players. Are you the type of player that hates bots? Here is some praise for Trion Worlds’ ArcheAge GMs for zotting some bots. Are you the type of player that never likes to pay for anything? […]

At 20,000 Artistry, the Angel Beats! Theme Sounds Sublime in ArcheAge

Try to play this at a low level and it’s going to sound like hot garbage, but Fauster has leveled up a character to 20K artistry, so every note sounds like an angel’s sigh dropping from heaven. The tune is the “My Soul, Your Beats,” the theme from Angel Beats!, a popular 2010 anime about […]

Tips For Starting Your Own Yata Farm and More

Monkey Business Gaming has produced another great ArcheAge video. This one eschews the actual monkey business a bit for some serious tips about starting and running a yata farm for profit and powerful mounts. Encouraging yatas to have the sexy times and breed turns out to be a more complex process than you’d think, even […]

ArcheAge Bots Learn to Beat the Judge

Redditor shazderp has a crazy bot story. If this is true, be afraid, very afraid. Shazderp stumbled upon three bots with patron status, then did his/her civic duty and reported them. Then things got weird. After I reported the third one, I noticed he climbed on his mount and started going somewhere. I thought he […]

Run Carrot Dash! Take a Look at a Rare, Silly Mount

ArcheAge is now suffering the inevitable launch pains of any MMORPG. Long queue times, glitches, and issues with patron accounts abound. Some fans are accepting and patient, some fans are pissed and shouting for blood. If other games are any indication all or most of it will blow over with time. So in the meantime […]