Secrets of Ayanad Update Still “a Couple Weeks Off”

Trion Worlds took ArcheAge servers down today, making clear it was just for routine maintenance and not to install the big Secrets of Ayanad update we’ve been waiting for. In doing so, they did give some guidance on when Secrets of Ayanad is coming. In a post announcing the downtime, Trion Worlds said the update […]

ArcheAge DDoS’d, Again

If you were trying to get on North American ArcheAge yesterday and couldn’t, here’s your reason. Someone decided to run a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack against the game. “Aranzeb, Naima, Ollo, and Kyrios are experiencing crashes due to a DDoS attack pointed at our Dallas center. We’re in the process of getting the […]

Halnaak So Killed So Very Dead on ArcheAge PTS

This content isn’t out for ArcheAge proper quite yet, but here you can preview a major new encounter with Halnaak that’s available on the ArcheAge PTS (Public Testing Server). The big jerk, who shows up on the floor 2 of the Ayanad Library that will be added along with other Diamond Shores content in the […]

Now These Are Some Crowded Boats

Sure, you’ve seen Zerg PVP. But have you seen Zerg PVP … ON A BOAT? This video features Equilibrium, Immortal and Exile against Celestial Lust and Kraken’s Maw in a sea brawl for it all.  It gets intense in and off the boats. The ocean looks like a deadly swimming pool by the end. Have […]

If You Can Dodge a Cannon, You Can Dodge a Ball

Here some fun-loving ArcheAge players have set up a dodgeball game on the Ezi server. The game is hosted by the Pirate Guild, Wallop, so there’s a bit of a twist. The “balls” are fired from cannons, and they look like they hurt. A lot. The game goes until there’s a last player standing, who […]

Funky Flash Mob Heats Up ArcheAge

Flash mobs are sooooo 2006, but that said, I can still appreciate a good one. And Jempire’s recent flash mob on Salphira redefines a funky good time. The video, set to a mashup of Nelly’s “Hot in Herre,” and the Beegees’ “Staying Alive,” shows the Jempire guild doing a lot of funky line dancing, glider […]

ArcheAge Q&A Livestream Friday

Trion Worlds is giving ArcheAge players 45 minutes to ask any questions they want in a livestream Friday. The stream will be a chance to get acquainted with new Producer Merv “Khrolan” Lee Kwai and will also include Associate Producer Amanda “Amary” Fry, and Senior Community Relations Manager Evan “Scapes” Berman. You can check out […]