Check Out the ArcheAge Korea Griffin Mount

As part of the ArcheAge second anniversary celebrations in South Korea, XL Games is making this majestic limited edition Griffin mount available. If you can read Korean, you’ll love the big image I’m putting beneath this post. If, like me, you can’t, we can make do with this translation from Schellen on Reddit. The Griffin […]

ArcheAge Players Visit Shrine to RNGesus

When you’re trying to craft that rare set in ArcheAge, the random element can either mean you get something great or, whoops, you just wasted hours of your life. Sometimes you feel like you could use a little divine intervention. That’s why players turn to RNGEsus. The RNG stands for Random Number Generator, and he’s […]

ArcheAge Korea is Getting Two-Story Housing

How do big cities respond to a land shortage? They build up. And soon ArcheAge players can, too, at least in Korea. The Korean version of ArcheAge is getting a new cash shop item in version 1.8 that will allow players to build two story houses. Need more room for all your stuff? Add a […]

ArcheAge Celebrates Halloween

The Hallowtide event items helped, of course, but I have a feeling ArcheAge players would have found a crazy way to celebrate the holiday even without those items. Above we have a video of a Halloween costume party on the Tahyang server. Anyone who was anyone was there, even Gumby, dancing as a musician provided […]

Simple Living With the 8 by 8 ArcheAge House

Unless you’ve got a, cough, superhuman advantage, land in ArcheAge can be hard to come by. So why shouldn’t ArcheAge mirror real life, where people in places where there is less land, like Japan, make the most of what they have. You’ve got to think small. And that’s how BMFarhtz is thinking. This Reddit user […]

(Very) Politically Incorrect Fun With Crests

This house in ArcheAge, iscovered by ssppoorrkk from Reddit, pays tribute to the supreme leaders of North Korea since the Korean War, Kim Il-sung (top), his son Kim Jong-il (lef), and Kim Jong-il’s son and current leader Kim Jong-un (right). Considering that ArcheAge was created by the South Korean XL Games, the fact that North […]

Some Beautiful Snapshots From ArcheAge

In addition to being an amazing sandbox, the world of ArcheAge can be a strikingly beautiful place to explore. As the fourth ArcheAge closed beta rolls on, why not take some time to enjoy that aspect of the game? These images captured by EarthPlague, Finglor and iliajol on Reddit show ArcheAge at its most photogenic.