The End of Anthalon

The Legacy guild brings a lot of firepower to bear to take down this powerful enemy on Enla. OK, so they zerged the hell out Anthalon, but you go with what works. Is it the first kill of this boss? Well, no, that’s super controversial, with lots of other guilds claiming they got it first […]

Controversial Arche PVP Vid: Real or Staged?

This is, on the surface, a funny vid where one ArcheAge player is attacked in their house by three somewhat noobish gankers who are very swiftly discouraged when they realize they are outmatched. Some of the people who viewed it in the thread  the player, Phoxly, posted on Reddit, however, consider it a bit too […]

ArcheAge Green Screen Tech Makes Cheesy Talk Shows Possible

Nebadger had the clever idea to use green image blocks to build up a little Hollywood style green screen in his bungalow. The cubes run about 200 gold each, but when in place the player had a nice little soundstage that his image-editing program could use to fill in any background he wanted. So what […]

ArcheAge Korea Gets Even Weirder With New Items Based on Cartoon

XL Games recently released a new video showing some additional content related to its partnership with Larva, a popular South Korean cartoon about worms. The video is quite cheerfully insane. The video shows off figureheads for ArcheAge ships, in the context of a wacky race between the show’s main characters. There are also very strange […]

Yes, It’s an ArcheAge Driveby

I guess if you put cars in your fantasy game, these things are going to happen. Jebusthelostwookie and some Fourth Meal guild pals on Kyrios West (west-side, get it?) loaded up their cars and went driving around popping caps in fools. The victims were probably mostly surprised at how bizarre it was. The plan is […]

Be Better at PVP With This Stormchaser Guide

Are you interested in playing the Stormchaser build. Got five minutes? Then check out this video from Dremlock that gives you some hints and tips to be a better Stormchaser in PVP. Even if you’re not looking for build and tactics tips, the PVP in the video is impressive as Dremlock takes on well-geared opponents […]

A Castle Under Siege in ArcheAge

If you’re looking for a high level PVP encounter in ArcheAge, you don’t get much higher stakes than a castle siege. Here’s a ninety minute video of a 70 versus 70 siege in Enla, with the guild Legacy taking on Exodus for control of a castle. The huge battle involved up to 50 tanks at […]