Check Out the ArcheAge Korea Griffin Mount

As part of the ArcheAge second anniversary celebrations in South Korea, XL Games is making this majestic limited edition Griffin mount available.

If you can read Korean, you’ll love the big image I’m putting beneath this post. If, like me, you can’t, we can make do with this translation from Schellen on Reddit.

The Griffin is being distribute now, comes in black and white and will cost about $20 to obtain. It has, according to Schellen:

5 Skills on the griffin mount. fly in air for 5 minutes with player.

Gliding air spd increase by 50%

Running spd increase 50% for 10 seconds. Summon whirlwind.
Shoot arrow.

Will it come to the West? Who knows. Hope when it does there’s some way to get it cheaper, though.


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