Check Out This Guide to Living off the Land in ArcheAge

Farming is a vital activity in ArcheAge. Whether you want to do it legit and pay your taxes like a square, do it down and dirty with an illegal farm, or just steal from the suckers who farm, it’s likely you’ll end up involved in the ancient art of working the soil with your hands somehow.

Raptorak at mmosite.com has written a very useful introductory guide talking about the ins and outs of farming. The guide goes over the rules about farms, stealing from farms, and how to keep people from stealing from your farm, and other topics.

The guide largely deals with the pros and cons of legal farms, which mean you use your small and large scarecrows to create farms and pay the taxes, and illegal farms, which mean you find a hidden spot and start planting crops or trees. Legal farms are protected but their size is limited. Illegal farms allow you to grow as much as you wish, but you need to hide your illegal farms pretty well because players who stumble across them can take what they wish.

Check out the full guide here and get some dirt beneath your nails.

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