A Drastic Solution to the AFK Problem

Sure, lots of gamers are annoyed by people clogging up ArcheAge servers and avoiding its AFK (Away From Keyboard) timer by doing things like auto-attacking training dummies. But they mostly shake their heads and let it go.

Zoxx Tearshorn, however, has a much more extreme, humorous, and farm-equipment-based vigilante solution to the issue. He just runs them over with a tractor.

“It’s justice,” Zoxx says at one point in the video.

Zoxx’s method doesn’t do anything to the users who have programmed macros to keep them online, but users who were auto-attacking dummies are indeed logged out when knocked away from the dummies. Eventually, after their timer runs out now that they’re idle.

Is it real solution to the problem? No, and please note that we don’t endorse this method. But it does show the frustrations that are building as Trion works on the problem.

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