Explore PVP in ArcheAge Video, Plus Info About Updates

Here’s video of the latest Exploring ArcheAge livestream, Beyond Bloodlust, which focuses on Producer Victoria “FireCait” Voss and Senior Community Relations Manager Evan “Scapes” Berman explaining and demonstrating elements of PVP.

In between the bloodsdhed, Voss and Berman assured the viewers that western publisher Trion Worlds and XL games have a “joint” relationship where Trion can request changes, even though XL is the only company that makes changes to the code. Voss used one specific example of  Trion skipping a version that had Guilda Stars only available by dailies to show how the Trion version has some flexibility to be different than the Asian version.

“If it’s absolutely horrific we can go back and talk to XL again,” Voss said.

If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, chrisco571 helpfully provided a detailed summary of info that Trion Worlds dropped on Reddit. It shows some interesting new additions are in the works for the western version, like English voiceovers:

  1. Build (3.03) which is the NEXT build will be released soon, some things announced in this build were:
  • PvP Balance changes (maybe skill reworks? maybe skill ping changes?)
  • 80/20 will be implemented
  • English voice overs to be added

3 . Guilda Stars can only be earned from trading if a pack is delivered to another continent (not only dailies)

4 . Item Shop to be implemented “very soon”, a lot of items are being “reworked” due to being over-powered in Korea which is a reason why it is taking time.

  • Specifically a “Griffin pet” that could be used as a ground mount and glider offered high ground and air speeds. Trion looking at reworking these values.
  • Main Goal: Ensure cash shop items are “in-line with world obtained items”

5 . Trion looking at a way for players to buy Tokens from the Item Shop that can be sold to players for gold so they can buy items from the Item Shop (similar approach to RIFT I hear).

6 . Not currently confirmed but Trion has requested the ability to buy Patron Status with ‘credits’ (the currency available in the Founder’s Packs)

7 . Some items from the Founder’s Pack like the “gliders” are being created exclusively for NA/EU and won’t immediately be available in other regions. Also, the Founder’s glider has the same skill set as another glider in game (specific glider was not specified).

8 . The “Credits” in the founders pack will be reloaded at live so feel free to use in Alpha/Beta. Also, the “credits” are shared in Alpha/Beta. ALSO, the Founder’s Pack untradeable items (glider, title, cloak etc.) will be available on all of the account’s characters, there will be caps on the consumables (I think they said 5-6)?

EDIT: Looks like Guilda Stars will still be available from dailies

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