Farm Wagon Tutorial Video

There’s a lot of drama in the ArcheAge world right now, with some players not so happy about some recent events like servers problems during the Auroria launch. Instead of focusing on that endlessly, how about taking a break for something constructive?

Here’s a nice, relaxing tutorial video from AyinMaiden that demonstrates how to maximize your trade running potential by converting your farm cart into a farm wagon. This allows you to carry four trade packs in the cart and one your back.

Items you’ll need include:

– Farm Wagon Design (50 Gilda Stars on Mirage Isle or buy at the auction house)
– 4 Strong Wheels – 8 Archeum Logs (for 4 wheels) & 2 Sturdy Ingots (for 4 wheels)
– 1 Solid Shaft – 2 Thunderstruck Trees & 1 Sunridge Ingot (10 Sturdy Ingots, 5 Mysterious Garden Powder & 1 Rough Polish)
– 1 High Power Engine – 5 Flaming Logs, 10 Silver Ingots, 10 Gold Ingots & 1 Archeum Ingot
– 1 Cart Bucket – 2 Copper Ingots & 2 Leather
– 1 Scroll: Farm Cart

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