A spec to combat the current metagame in 1v1 arenas.

Discussion in 'ArcheAge PVP' started by bearhugs, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. bearhugs

    bearhugs New Member

    I have been doing 1v1 arenas lately and the metagame seems to be fairly defined. I am curious what every has come up with in order to combat it.

    Right now you will fight mostly Primeval, Stone Arrow, Abolisher, and Darkrunner. As you can see physical damage is most popular right now. I have only seen a few Daggerspell, the most popular caster. It is also very burst heavy right now.

    I think a build using Defense/Witchcraft would be amazing in this meta. You would wear plate armor with a shield and scepter. You have a lot of self healing and mitigation to counteract the burst. You have plate and a shield to mitigate the physical damage. This combo can be paired with a lot of different 3rd skill sets. I have tried Vitalism and Auramancy. What do you guys think?
  2. mimsee

    mimsee Spirit Healer

    That actually sounds like a wonderful idea. With the heavy amount of armor + buffs from auramancy or heals from vitalism you'd be near unstoppable. Since most of the damage, like you said, is physical in arena your armor would be wonderful.

    I actually want to give this a try now that you've mentioned it because I feel like it'd be a fun way to try to break the meta mold. Thanks!
  3. Mystasia

    Mystasia New Member

    That is a great idea! You can almost be guaranteed that you can perform a spell on someone and come out unscathed. Sounds like a winner to me.

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