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    You've probably seen them flying around, but there are airships on both continents that fly in between regions. I'm not familiar with the western airships, but the Haranyan one is mostly based on Falcorth. Its great for trade runs, a safe route being Falcorth to Villanelle (pays 6g70 per pack) and a dangerous one being Falcorth to the Rookborne PvP zone (8g60). Both routes only take 10-12mins with the airship, and while Rookborne pays the most, its best to wait for the 2 hour peace period to run it.
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    Thanks for the tip on the safe run. Why do you say it is best to wait for a 2 hour peace period? That's no fun. No challange there!
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    I'm all for a challenge, but I honestly don't like to risk it outside of the peace period very often. I work too hard to make the trade run to lose it all.
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    Still trade in Archeage?
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    Maybe try there :)
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