Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone

Discussion in 'Mobile Gaming' started by Catalyst64, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. Catalyst64

    Catalyst64 New Member

    Which one do you have? Do you like it? Which one do you actually prefer and would like to have? I've always been interesting in what other people think about today's mobile technology. Let us know.
  2. Starist

    Starist New Member

    I've quite enjoyed my Android ever since I first received it. I'm not sure why, but it might be because I'm used to it and it's all I have. I don't have any experience with iOS or any other phone types. I'm simply just happy with what I've got. However, everyone I've known has Apple phones.
  3. Catalyst64

    Catalyst64 New Member

    I am in the same situation as you are. I am used to having an Android phone. My mom has an iPhone and they have always struck me as very complex and non-user-friendly. The whole structure of the phone is fairly hard to understand. You can't freely access your battery or even your SIM card? I know Apple is a huge company and I respect them for everything they have ever made, but I myself prefer an Android phone over Apple products. Google Play is very easily accessible. The only thing that, in my opinion, makes the App Store a good place, is the community. The app developers really put a lot of effort in what they make. Windows Phones - I don't really feel like talking about it. It's a fairly new product and I've never had one. A friend of mine has an HTC Windows Phone and it's not really my type of thing. The interface is very different than what I've gotten used to. Most of the good games and applications are not supported by Windows Phones. However, I might be wrong, as I have never really had such phone on my own, so I should not say anything more.
  4. dugu

    dugu New Member

    I have gone through so many phones over the last few years it is really hard to keep up. Right now I have a Nokia 920 and finding apps that work, let alone games I like seems to be really hard.
  5. Rizzio

    Rizzio New Member

    I had a ipod touch. It was great. I jail broke it and the possibilities were endless. I really loved it. I got my first droid and I rooted it expecting a jail broken kind of feel. Completely different. From that Day I absolutely feel in love with the droid.
  6. kaineparker

    kaineparker New Member

    iOS. I started with the iPod and now have an iPad. I guess I'm just loyal. I love that they have the most amount of apps too, which doesn't hurt at all.
  7. SuperiorCallz

    SuperiorCallz New Member

    Android all the way. It provides a lot more customization and optimization. I'd go for an Android any day if given the choice.. if the iOS device wasn't jailbroken. My iPhone is currently jailbroken and the jailbreak community is so awesome that I'd go for iOS any day if it was jailbroken. :D
  8. MrMoose

    MrMoose New Member

    iOS. I prefer it because it offers a lot of customization with jailbroken features. If you aren't going to jailbreak, I'd recommend android.
  9. Mystasia

    Mystasia New Member

    I can't really get into playing games on my phone. I would hate to be somewhere, and the battery is worn out. That's the only thing that bugs me.
  10. Seraphina

    Seraphina New Member

    I am an Android person all the way. My dad has an iPhone and I don't think it is at all user friendly. I currently have a Galaxy S5 and I'm pretty happy with it. I think I'll be sticking with Samsung when my upgrade rolls around next summer.

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