Order and Chaos?

Discussion in 'Portable Gaming' started by Wynnie, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. Wynnie

    Wynnie New Member

    Does anyone here play Order and Chaos? I have it for Android and started to play a little bit. It seems pretty good for a mobile mmo, but I wound up losing interest pretty quickly. :( Does anyone know if it gets better? I might try again and see if I can stick with it. I used to play a lot of Pocket Legends a year or so ago and enjoyed that a lot, so who knows.
  2. askani

    askani New Member

    I play it ever now and then on my phone. Every time I'm on I see tons of players around. So many that I have to wait on monsters to re-spawn sometimes because so many people are in the same area at the time. People are always on when I play so it must be doing well. As close to vanilla WoW on a phone as you can get.
  3. kaineparker

    kaineparker New Member

    It's a decent game, but for the price I don't know. I tried it out for a little bit on a friend's phone, but as I ahve never played WoW, I didn't really stick with it for too long. I know a lot of people call it WoW for the phone.
  4. Mystasia

    Mystasia New Member

    I don't really like playing a lot of games on my phone. I have too much going on on my phone already, and I don't want to wear my battery down so fast.
  5. Seraphina

    Seraphina New Member

    I haven't tried it, but I am thinking about it. I do like WoW, so the idea of being able to be mobile with a like-minded game is interesting to me.

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