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Discussion in 'ArcheAge Clan Discussion' started by Ed1fan, May 27, 2014.

  1. Ed1fan

    Ed1fan New Member

    Does ArcheAge have a similar recruitment system in place like some other games do? I know some, like World of Warcraft tooltip to say hello before inviting someone to a group or randomly send them a message in game. How will it work with ArcheAge? Are you going to need to be "friends" or something similar before you invite people into clans?
  2. Wynnie

    Wynnie New Member

    I play Rift which is another Trion game. I'm wondering if the clans and guilds will work in similar ways? In Rift you don't have to be friends with someone to invite, you can just send a guild invite. They also have a guild finder tool where you can choose different options and it will list the guilds on that realm that may suit you.
  3. askani

    askani New Member

    I hope it is simple. I would think if you did invite someone to a guild it would be better to have them as a friend in order to answer any questions they may have or to help them out along the way with individual guild guidelines.
  4. Rizzio

    Rizzio New Member

    Maybe there could be guild locations where you click the guild and you put in a guild application. I know some games do it like that. I just hope that these guilds will be active. Non-active guilds are a major killer to any game.
  5. kaineparker

    kaineparker New Member

    I prefer it when an MMORPG allows me to just access the guild tab and invite members from anywhere. I've played a few games where people had to be at a specific town or NPC and it can be quite time consuming travelling back and forth.
  6. Seraphina

    Seraphina New Member

    That's a complete pain and it doesn't do much for motivating me to play when I see that. The harder they make it to play the game, the less I want to play.

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