Fourth ArcheAge Closed Beta Coming Aug. 22

Trion Worlds has just wrapped its third ArcheAge closed beta, but it’s not going to make you wait that long for the next one.

Conflict and Conquest, the fourth closed beta, starts Friday, August 22 at 10:00 AM PDT and will run until that time on Wednesday, August 27, according to the official ArcheAge site.

New to this beta event will be the option to play in English, French, or German on any server. There was no wipe, so your character will be waiting for you if you played the previous beta.

Unfortunately you can’t use your code from the third beta for the fourth, but Trion promises even more randomly selected codes for people who sign up here and more partner code giveaways. Those in the alpha and Founder’s Pack purchasers are automatically registered in the beta.

Here is the list of servers for the fourth beta:

North America
• Aranzeb
• Naima
• Kyrios
• Ollo
• Tahyang
• Salphira

• Shatigon
• Kyprosa
• Eanna
• Dahuta

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