From E3 Floor: Black Gold, ArcheAge, HEX and more! | The Daily XP June 13th

From E3 Floor: Black Gold, ArcheAge, HEX and more! | The Daily XP June 13th

The Daily XP is MMO Attack’s Daily MMO and MMORPG News Show. Come back each and every day for highlights of the days most current stories. Today’s Daily XP i… Free To Play Unlimited with Taryn is the ex…
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  1. 538 no scopez

  2. Jin-Gun Mar says:

    was she holding water? so breathless.

  3. Moar Archeage pl0x

  4. It still baffles me that MMOAttack is still so small. You need something
    viral, you deserve the views!

  5. lol i love all the ppl that tried to get in the video haha

  6. FluskenRaider says:

    Reina clearly wanted to finish working to play some games of her own lol

  7. FluskenRaider says:

    plex? plixey plox?

  8. Frosty Blade says:

    lol,do you even breath went talking :D?

  9. The bloopers crack me up. Keep up the good work. I’m always looking for
    more MMO info. X3

  10. motokokoto says:

    I would love to see Taryn host a show like X play or Electric playground.
    That would be so awesome :p 

  11. Is this game out yet?

  12. LewsidDrihten says:

    I need 5 sonsaguns to like my KUF2 link, Idek how it works, are they
    supposed to click our link and like it? Or just like the link?!

  13. WhyTeemoWhy Damn SHROOMS says:

    Wow this girl is hot <3 :3

  14. blueapple007 says:

    Kingdom Under Fire 2 is IP blocked to anyone outside of South East Asia.
    And i mean the game, not downloading the client.
    Post from the game’s Facebook page:

  15. tsuki densetsu says:

    Come on In the interview of Hyun Tai Kim western version of Blade And Soul
    is coming up around this year

  16. i played blade and soul and got bored before even reaching lvl 30..:| 

  17. This is the first time I’ve seen this channel and watched these news
    updates and I like them. You’re nerdy-cute and knowledgeable about this
    stuff. I think it’s refreshing to see someone on Youtube who is able to
    …. to …. OMG I can’t stand it anymore! Dat cleavage! =P No, but
    really. Good show, nice tits, ect.

  18. IllusionNconfusion says:

    World of Warships

  19. Tariq Tamim says:

    A good show with a hot chick is a 100% success ….. keep up the good work
    … love ya

  20. juan pablo valdes says:

    she is so hot 

  21. AmericiumProductions says:

    World of Battleships, maybe?

  22. Nice viedo 😀 Like

  23. Younesse Loutry says:

    critan tits ^^

  24. No news for Blade and soul since Dec.2012, they probably gave up.

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