Thunderstruck Tree

Get Thunderstruck With ThunderCheck Tree Calculator

Thunderstruck trees are a thing that would be hard to explain to normal, non-MMORPG playing people. Fortunately, we don’t have to explain ourselves to their kind, especially if we have better things to do like wait around for a tree that’s been struck by lightning so we can build a tractor.

Instead of just praying to RNGesus and hoping he’ll reply with a random number in your favor, jameswatts1990 has created an interactive tool, ThunderCheck, that will help you calculate your chances of getting a thunderstruck tree.

You can find the tool here at his site. Simply put in some basic info about the tree you’re watching and it will tell you the chance of it getting thunderstruck. Thundercheck builds on the efforts of other ArcheAge players who have been making spreadsheets to determine thunderstuck chances.

Image from coltraz on Twitter

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