A Guide to Surviving and Leveling in PVP Zones

ArcheAge offers a lot of freedoms to players. And one of those freedoms is to gank the living crap out of you or otherwise ruin your day in PVP zones. That can be tough for players looking to level. Scion Storm has provided a nice guide to help deal with this and still get things done.

Here are his suggested tactics:

First tactic is now that you know what type of game this is. From the very start of your leveling experience over achieve every quest you can. This will make you well above the leveling curve by the time you reach contested areas. Another way to level and be stronger is trade skill. You can completely level up to 50 using trade skills. You never even have to go into fighting zones that way.

Another tactic is use stealth a lot to avoid ganks or gank other players. Remember you can’t stay vanished forever. Something to note is you can see conflicted zones on the map. Take full advantage of that. Try to take advantage of peace times. If you’re dead set on questing and leveling. You can farm in peace time zones finish every quest you can in that amount of time. Peace time usually last 2-3 hours steam roll everything you can then. And when peace time is up. And you can’t find any zones with peace time. Here’s one more tactics you can try.

Hang out by the ressing statue and farm animals there. If you get ganked head back to the statue or neutral town guards. Both will protect you from harm. Or you can stand and fight if levels are close. I only use guards or the statue if lvl 50’s try to gank. Because I think that’s low class anyway to fight people 15 levels lower than you. But people my level I fight because it’s fun win or lose.

Make some friends and roll together. This will drastically cut the random ganks. And may lead you to some fun group pvp encounters. It also helps you over achieve quests faster. Which maybe the fastest way to level.

[Source: Scion Storm]

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