It’s Hallowtide in ArcheAge

ArcheAge might seem a little spookier, and a lot oranger, for the next few weeks.

The Hallowtide event, a Halloween-themed event that runs from Oct. 21 until Nov. 4, brings a lot of festive Halloween decoration to Austera and Ezna and a crapload of Halloween gear for you to buy.  Players can also participate in helping to gather pumpkins for the event and do Hallowtide daily quests for consumables and event candies. There will also be large pumpkins at certain locations on Halloween itself that you can interact with for a seasonal buff.

Glowstone Gemini has broken down some of the random items one can obtain in the Hallowtide Gift pack, an item that can be purchased for 420 gems.  There are numerous consumables, equipment altering items, witches hats and pumpkin heads, a cute piece of Halloween furniture, and a rare Bloody Ball Gown for those that want the full vampire look.

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