Here’s What ArcheAge Player Music Sounds Like at the Highest Level

I’ve shown videos of songs composed in ArcheAge before, and one thing that you’ve probably noticed is the performances sound, well, not so hot.

That’s because it takes time and money to level composing in ArcheAge, and it’s not something players are likely to level anyway.

But orcanaria was willing to put in the time to fully level, to much nicer results. The dancing was also a nice touch.

“It took approximately 500g to go from 0-50k proficiency. 40k of it was leveled over the weekend (Friday-Sunday using labor pots off cooldown (12k labor per day using labor pots off cooldown + 5k left over from previous week) which was surprisingly fast,” Orcanaria said.

In addition to the video above, Orcanaria has put together an entire playlist of composed songs, which you can check out here.

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