Just a Big ‘Ole Fight

This is actually titled Faction War for Yntsere, and that it well may be, but that’s not what is is appealing about it. What’s appealing is the chaotic, large-scale nature of this PVP contest. If you want go big or go home PVP, that’s something ArcheAge serves up well.

From the description the person who uploaded the video, Deredin, says:  “This all started with 1 guild attempting to run trade packs in a war zone. That guild had spies in its ts that reported its position to red guilds which subsequently showed up to wreak havoc. One guild called in reinforcements which caused another to call in reinforcements which caused another and eventually the shouts were all over faction chat.”

They also say “I personally couldn’t have had more fun.” And that’s what games are about.

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