Korean ArcheAge Gets a Really Weird Crossover With Cartoon

So this is footage of the latest ArcheAge update for South Korea. Or an illustration of a really bad drug trip. Or maybe both.

The snot monsters and butterfly gliders are actually characters from a Korean cartoon, Larva. It’s about the bizarre interactions of these blobby things. The red and yellow ones are the main characters.

As you can see, it’s anything but sweet and sappy. An article about the show from the Korea Times says the show goes out of its way to be edgier and embrace a wider demographic that includes more than just kids. And it apparently works. Obviously a free-to-play game with cash transactions and lots of opportunities for griefing is no place for kids, so the new ArcheAge content must be for adult fans. Man, we hope so.

Expect this to be coming on the fifth of never from Trion Worlds.

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