ArcheAge Japanese Player

Let’s Check in on ArcheAge in Japan

The ArcheAge closed beta is going on right now, and it’s a lot of fun, as long as you can get that damn boar without being trampled by 300 other Firrans.

But other countries have had the game for a while and have a more matured user base. So how are things going there?

The video above is from a Japanese YouTuber is the most popular ArcheAge video of the week on YouTube. ArcheAge recently went free-to-play in that country. I don’t speak Japanese, but he seems to be playing on the Japanese server.

The video starts with the player checking out what might be secret tree farms. No one seems to be killing him for coming near so I’m not sure. His next adventure is with a dancing girl dressed in a t-shirt and bathing suit bottom. There’s some chatting, but nothing he can do seems to shake her groove. He then goes to the prison and checks out the soccer action there. At one point he gets hit by a car.

As a bonus, I also have a pic of a popular Japanese ArcheAge player’s self-designed character.

ArcheAge Japanese Player

All right, then.

It’s not necessarily any wackier than the naked dance parties or Grumpy Cat sails and such we’ve seen on Western ArcheAge, but it looks like goofing around and having fun is a universal activity in the game.

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