Let’s Test Salem: The Crafting MMO #1 [DE]

Salem spielt einem Neu England setting und bietet ein multiplayer erlebnis in einer sich permanent wandelnden Welt. Mit Spielern die in die Rolle der Kolonis…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Hey guys this video is based off of an interesting thread topic in the MMOHuts/OnRPG forums titled Best Open World PvP MMORPGs started by Sharki3ait. We talk…
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  1. IAmTheChalzZy says:

    You guys should sign up for a youtube network!

  2. I give up everybody just keeps saying the say shitty games OVER AND OVER.
    The only game I would give a second thought of trying is age of wushu, but
    after looking at the combat and how terrible it is I wanna throw up.

  3. eric sinclair says:

    i like perfectworld

  4. David Bušić says:

    mortal online is pay to play

  5. Drayton Anderson says:

    what’s the music?

  6. Drake Knight says:

    Mortal Online does not have permadeath, just full looting.

  7. lonky stony says:

    why no world of warcrafT?

  8. I’ve played Warhammer a lot, but now it is dead 🙁 any suggestions about
    game like Warhammer (f2p or p2p – doesnt really matter)? thanks

  9. Krisztián Tóth says:

    disgusting graphics and the movements are like in the 90’s :D

  10. Keron Smith says:

    when talking about perfect world both PWI and JADE DYNASTY has the most
    money hard core games to match power, granted the pvp is epic in both games
    and jade dyansty is more on the graphics side that brings more lag PWI
    brings a bigger world a little less graphics but announces enough time and
    money for fun. in population rate? PWI has more players no doubt about it
    but if u wanna get a little popular playing on a silent game thats not that
    big JADE DYNASTY is your game for you as you know silent killers are the
    best killers but in jade dynasty it dont really matter every class can be
    OP when u put enough time and money in it

  11. dragon king says:

    i know its not F2P but darkfall had the best PVP in any game ever made,
    just watch any darkfall vid and ull see

  12. sandbox mmorpg? waht

  13. santiagogs15 says:

    Forsaken world has an amazing open pvp; got into many fights with random
    assassins while leveling, it was pretty fun and amazing.

  14. best open world pvp game is hands down dekaron but it’s sad to say that the
    game is dead and got destroyed by the game developers…

  15. Demarcus Drakes says:

    d/c universe isa really fun open world pvp. thing is that the servers are
    slowly declining and i have no idea why. its very fun

  16. archeage isn’t playable yet or wtf

  17. halorocker2 says:

    Dragon Nest best pvp hands down. Best mechanics, everything. But since
    nexon sucks sh it and pvp lags hc you can’t enjoy the pvp

  18. Kathen Worley says:

    umm people open youre minds WORLD of WARCRAFT should be number one it has a
    alot of award winning acheivements graphics are the only thang it lacks if
    youre looking for a addictive 2nd person open world rpg game WORLD of
    WARCRAFT is the awser

  19. Guild Wars 2

  20. Levi Bruntmyer says:

    DCUO is the best open world PVP IMHO …… I have gotten so sick and tired
    of lame ass point click and wait auto attack and skill/power spamming……
    DCUO online makes it much more engaging with combos and such and the
    ability to use controller is so much awesomeness …. refreshing to get
    away from lame ass directional keyboard movement and point click and wait
    for attack to happen…. 

  21. Devyn Suncar says:


    nvm wrong game lol

  22. WildStar isn’t F2P, it never was. 

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