Sloth Glider

Looks Like ArcheAge’s Sloth Glider Might Come in an RNG Box

Better get your prayer beads out and start praying to RNGesus, because if reports from players playing the latest update on the ArcheAge Public Test Server (PTS) are accurate, it looks like the coolest glider ever will probably be an RNG box item.


Yes, the Sloth Glider, made famous by YouTuber Bikeman and also by being awesome, appears in an RNG box in the cash shop, according to a screen captured in this Reddit thread. Needless to say, players weren’t super happy with the idea of buying an item and rolling the dice for a chance at the Sloth Glider and would rather be able to buy it directly. Bikeman himself had some choice words in the thread.

Again, this is just on the PTS. It’s possible when it comes to the full game there will be another way to obtain the glider.

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