Meet Snaky, the Bot Who Just Won’t Quit

This video of a player tenaciously trying to singlehandedly solve an ArcheAge bot problem is a bit sad, and not just because it reveals there are still bots on the Auroria Continent and in ArcheAge.

No, it’s sad because the bot the player is killing, the aptly named Snaky, has no soul. Snaky doesn’t care that the player is hitting it. Whenever Snaky gets killed it quickly respawns and makes a superhumanly quick beeline back to whatever dull task its bot master set it to.

So who suffers? Not Snaky. Snaky isn’t real, so it doesn’t feel a thing. All of the frustration lies with the player who can never, ever stop Snaky on their own, no matter how long they hang around and kill it.

Trion has, to its credit, put work into fixing the bot problem, but of course as long as there’s money to be made botters will look for ways around their measures. Guess you’d have to fix human nature, first, if you wanted to eliminate them entirely.

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