MMOHuts Weekly Recap #176 Feb. 24th – War Thunder, TMQFEL, ArcheAge & More!

MMOHuts Weekly Recap #176! Looking for a new game to try? Check out our game of the week here! Weekly MMO News summary for the wee…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

✦ Game News: Arkbreaker at Dysil's Wrath on XboX One with ArcheAge

News: -Defiance: ARKBREAKER DLC LANDS DEC 10: -ArcheAge Updates: -FFXIV: Letter from the Producer:…


  1. potasium56 says:

    u guys keepin up with rust, i know its not free to play but its a great

  2. ProudNL99 says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on Archeage.. Though i might just play the
    russian open beta.

  3. BattleConflict. says:

    I swear to god, some people are so fcking weird. Last day I had a
    conversation with my friend about Omere (the guys that left years ago) He
    was like the best comentator ever! But I really hate my friend now, cuz he
    hates Omere like 70% of the subs here. I mean why would you even hate him?!
    He was so good.. 

  4. KawaiiPulsar says:

    What happened to Omere

  5. Miles White says:

    ACR3 – Assassin’s Creed: Runescape 3

  6. RaptureMedia says:

    I’ve been waiting so long for Archeage to come to North America, and now
    it’s almost here :’D

  7. killacam543210 says:

    blade and soul cant come fast enough this year!! D:

  8. Monsterin Gaming says:

    pretty late on the war thunder gladiators, cant sign up for it anymore

  9. That was a really fun stream night, was glad to be apart of it!

  10. NoobOwnager says:

    Dude gimme you’re computer specs and name i wana get a computer like yours

  11. RobertAniFreak says:

    One thing I am really excited for in the “Mighty Quest” is the new
    character Runaway
    I always liked playing melee characters, don’t like squishy mage or archer,
    And Runaway is a heavy metal girl whos melee and has Axe Guider, Pretty
    metal if you ask me

    Hmmmm and Tera added solo dungeons to its game during leveling? Might be
    something to consider coming back

  12. Ahh. I hope ArcheAge gets to NA this year. Really want to play<3

  13. You know what would be cool? GAMES GETTING RELEASED

  14. Brandon Yip says:

    Aww why are streams from 10AM-4PM I have school! :(

  15. Lavan der says:

    Is anyone even playing tera anymore?

  16. I’m excited to watch, just because Archeage will be in it..

  17. For acrhage just create mail on yandex.

  18. Zezma3642 says:

    EQ NEXT Beta key giveaway please!

  19. Zezma3642 says:

    I love the Weekly Recaps

  20. lordsybren says:

    I was at that stream and it’s really cool. you guys should definately check
    it out!

  21. Mrcool179 says:

    Chroma. Worth a mention, seems pretty awesome.

  22. TheXUnknownXGamer says:

    I saw your video and went to watch your live stream thinking once you
    posted it you would go on. waited for an hour and you still did not come
    on. Best part is that you did not say what time you were streaming. Waste
    of time you are

  23. designRpt says:

    james blonde is hot :o

  24. Sophie Breca says:
  25. Bornskeez says:

    I’ll be getting a PS4 too sophie!!! ;)

  26. klok95330 says:

    Why you so gorgeous ;)

  27. Mastermir Vandermir says:

    Try dead space 1-2-3 lol u gonna piss in your pants 🙂 

  28. I play Forsaken World. I love it!

  29. Yeah ps4 does look great!

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