New ArcheAge Producer Promises Better Communication and Transparency

It’s no secret that the time since ArcheAge’s launch has been filled with its share of drama. Fans found ArcheAge’s sandbox to have quite a few irritating lumps in it, and they have criticized how Trion Worlds has handled some of its decisions and communicated those choices.

Enter new ArcheAge Producer Merv “Khrolan” Lee Kwai, who promises a different approach going forward in a recent producer’s letter.

“One of our top goals for the New Year is to be more transparent when we communicate with you. It is our intention to fix a lack of information or detail, starting now. It’s important for us to reach out and provide the information you need to understand what’s in store for our future and how we’re going to get there. You’ll begin to hear a lot more from us on our forums, social channels and live streams. We will discuss game play issues and provide insight on where we are with future content updates at a much more detailed level then we have in the past,” Kwai wrote.

In his letter, Kwai covers Trion’s plans to deal with the game’s economic fluctuations, plans to make very popular cash shop items also available on the loyalty store as Trion did with the sloth glider, work on features like PVP arena and fishing tournaments, and increase the over all fairness of the game.

Kwai also gave a little preview of a new area coming to ArcheAge, Diamond Shores, with creatures and quests designed for a level cap increased to 55. It’ll have a residential area, Ayanad Library dungeon, obsidians weapons and additional skill points. It will also be a contested region when it goes live for some open world PVP.


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