New Details About ArcheAge’s Third Closed Beta

Trion Worlds has released more info about the third ArcheAge Closed beta, which starts Thursday, August 14 at 10:00 AM PDT runs until that same time on Monday, August 18.

According to a Trion blog post invite e-mails are being sent out now, and this closed beta is expected to be four times the size of the previous one. If you don’t get an invite e-mail you can still score one as one of numerous giveaways Trion is running with various partners. Details on the blog post.

The servers have not been wiped between betas, so if you were playing a character in closed beta 2 and you were able to get in to closed beta 3 you can pick up right where you left off.

Trion has added even more servers to handle the expected increased load. Servers will be:

North America

• Aranzeb
• Naima
• Kyrios
• Ollo
• Tahyang (NEW)
• Salphira (NEW)


• Shatigon
• Kyprosa
• Eanna
• Dahuta (NEW)

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