One Gamer’s Top Five Reasons ArcheAge is Awesome

This video from The XPGamers shows off five of the reasons ArcheAge is awesome, describing it as something close to the spiritual successor to Ultima Online.

The video focuses on:

• The opportunities provided by naval combat and exploration in the game, ranging from piracy and just diving for treasure.

• The game’s robust class creation system and its mix and match options.

• ArcheAge’s economy. ArcheAge nails the economy, according to the video. It singles out the trading system and trade routes for special praise. The world being full of people trading goods makes things feel more alive and significant, it says.

• The sandbox gameplay. Where you can “do what you want,” from building your home to going to fight the kraken and fighting a demon.

• The small stuff. Little details like lighting the fireplace in your home, the way sails blows, lighting details, and other things that make the game have impressive level of detail.

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