One-on-One Arena PVP With a Daggerspell

There’s nothing like testing yourself in one-on-one MMO PVP duels. Duking it out mano-a-mano. By the way, mano-a-mano means hand to hand, not man to man, that’s one a lot of people get wrong.

Pohx Kappa has released a new video where he puts his Daggerspell character up against a host of other opponents in arena combat.

A Daggerspell is an ArcheAge character build that focuses on Sorcery + Witchcraft + Shadowplay, and as you see in the video can be quite potent.

This is Pohx’s first attempt at an edited compilation, so it’s a little rough around the edges. But it is a promising start, and we’ll look forward to more.

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