One Player’s Take on Where ArcheAge Falls Short

With an upcoming game release it’s pretty easy to fall into a cycle of hype, hype, hype. But sometimes it’s a good thing to take a step back and look at where a game can be improved.

Israii has done this with a well thought-out blog post on ArcheAge’s short-comings, and even if you don’t agree that all of his points are problems, they are certainly food for thought.

Israii’s main problem is one that many players have complained about, PVP in faction-controlled territory.

“In the current system, invaders are unable to attack except in self defense. Superficially, this sounds like exactly what you would expect from past MMOs, but it isn’t. It’s only “self” defense. Not faction defense. Not even group defense. Self defense. Until you, specifically, are attacked by an enemy, no action taken by them will allow you to attack them. This leads to situations where one highly leveled or geared character can demolish a raid one by one while their team mates are powerless to intercede. Worse yet, healing the aggressor will not result in a flag either, so that one individual can be backed up by a veritable army of healers you have no method of retaliating against,” he writes.

Another big issue is the disheartening things that can happen when crafting high-level gear.

“At 44 the rules change, resulting in a severe turn for the worse when attempting to craft one’s gear. At this point your gear can proc down in quality and you are no longer guaranteed the exact piece of gear you want; the stats remain unknown until you unwrap the completed item. Your hard-earned strength set could turn into spirit and intelligence gear, and from there, you have to start from scratch,” he writes.

The game’s requirement on PVP, a shortage of land, and the lack of a guild bank are also identified as issues, but Isarri’s overall take on the game is still positive.

Check out the full article here.

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