One Weird Trick to Leveling Fishing

I admit it, I like to fish in MMOs and RPGs. I know I could be out slaying monsters and stuff, but dammit, there’s fish to catch.

MMOsite gets me. It also gets that leveling up fishing can be a tedious pain in the butt, so it’s created a guide to leveling it up quickly.

The best advice deals with a common frustration for ArcheAge fishermen. You can automatically fish forever if you want, but you only have so many inventory slots. When your inventory fills with fish, your character will only be fishing for warning messages about how the inventory is full.

The solution takes a little bit of management, but it’s better than not fishing.

“While fishing, even on automatic mode, you can open your warehouse. You can withdraw and deposit while fishing, and it won’t impact anything. And what makes this even more cool is that if your inventory gets the message saying it’s full, you can just deposit the fish into the warehouse and you will automatically start fishing again – there’s no need to manually start it up again! Essentially what this is doing is giving a lot more inventory slots than you’d have otherwise, and makes it swift since you can keep your inventory and the warehouse up at all times and just move items as needed without interfering with anything,”  according to the guide.

There’s a lot more fishing advice at the full guide, so check it out.

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