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An Overview of ArcheAge’s Cash Shop

Cash shops in MMORPGs tend to be magnets for controversy. After all, if the game sells the wrong items there, players can feel that those willing to spend money can unbalance the game and gain an unfair advantage. I don’t mind being ganked by someone who is better than me and who put in more effort. I don’t feel the same way about a person who can only beat me because they spent lots of money on ungodly equipment. has taken the time to go over all of the items on the ArcheAge cash shop so you can judge for yourself whether any break the game.

The full article is worth a read. But the highlights on the shop now include some items to make leveling and ingame tasks easier, some special mounts and gliders, some items that let your reroll aspects of your character like gender, some special costumes, and the Crest Brainstorms you need to put your personally-designed logo on something like a ship sail. has also determined that 150 cash shop credits equals one real dollar, which is the source for prices in this article. Note that prices and currency conversion might change in the final game. Also, new items can and certainly will be be added to the shop, and some that are there may be removed.

The most controversial item might be the humorously-named “Worker’s Compensation” labor restoration potions. You need labor points to do most things worth doing in ArcheAge, and these potions will restore 1,000 labor points for about 300 credits or two dollars a pop. They have a 12 hour cooldown time so you can’t go completely crazy, but it’s clear that those willing to spend more can get more done in ArcheAge.

Other potions, also about two dollars each, boost loot rate drops or honor point gain. One interesting potion, called “Immortal XP” can be taken right before you do something you know is almost certain to kill your character and protects it from durability and experience point loss.

The two rare mounts available, Mirage Elk and Mirage Leomorph, are relatively expensive next to the potions, costing about $9. each. Other expensive items are a salon certificate for 750 credits, or $5, that lets you revamp your character’s appearance and a gender swap certificate for 1345 credits, about $9, that lets you change everything about your character, including their sex.

A selection of special gliders will put an even bigger hurt on your wallet, at 2240 credits or about $15 each. This seems to be the most expensive item on the cash shop, but, hey,they have a somersault!

Finally, the Crest Brainstorm is priced at a reasonable 300 credits, or about two dollars, so everyone can easily get in on the special logo action.

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