Players Brag About Exploiting APEX

Although Trion Worlds CEO Scott Hartsman recently tried to minimize the effects of a player discovered glitch used to exploit APEX, a quick check around fandom shows that the perception is that it’s a widespread problem. Some players are even bragging about misusing it and getting a slap on the wrist.

APEX is an item that can be bought with real money and opened for credits in-game. It’s a cornerstone of ArcheAge’s free-to-play economy, because it can be traded or sold on the auction house, it gives free-to-play players a path to earning credits they can use to buy special items without spending real money.

As Hartsman recently said, there was a way to use APEX to get more credits than one was entitled too. From this conversation caught on a Twitch stream and archived by Reddit user Enla, a crafty player could use the exploit to get a lot more and to buy gear it would take free-to-play players this side of forever to earn. And the punishment for getting caught was so slight it was worth it.

[Player 1]: You realize on the exploit we all made 8-10k in a day.
[Player 2]: The guild made, like, 80-90k total.
[Player 3]: Was that the whole f***ing… APEX one?
[Multiple]: Yeah.
[Player 4]: And none of us got our s*** removed.
[Player 1]: Yeah, we all got banned for 24 hours; that was all that happened.
[Player 5]: Hey, we’re streaming, guys… we’re streaming…
[Player 2]: I don’t give a f***.
[Player 6]: They’ve already released your ban. What does it matter?
[Player 7]: Yeah, we got banned already. What’s the point?

Nope, they’re not shy in talking about it. It’s important not to jump to conclusions about the 24 hour ban, that might not be the severest action Trion will take against confirmed APEX exploiters. We’ve seen reports that players that abused a new, separate APEX exploit were permabanned.

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