(Very) Politically Incorrect Fun With Crests


This house in ArcheAge, iscovered by ssppoorrkk from Reddit, pays tribute to the supreme leaders of North Korea since the Korean War, Kim Il-sung (top), his son Kim Jong-il (lef), and Kim Jong-il’s son and current leader Kim Jong-un (right).

Considering that ArcheAge was created by the South Korean XL Games, the fact that North Korea and South Korea are always on the verge of reigniting the Korean War, and the fact that all three men are horrible dictators, this is not a super-appropriate image to put up.

But it shows the anything goes nature of ArcheAge, where trolling is a bit of a lifestyle. Other images mocking the French are also distressingly easy to find on some servers.

This display is on the Nebe EU server, according to ssppoorrkk. To put an image such as this on a house you need a frame, which you can buy from the cash shop, then design a crest to stick on it.


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