So How Do You Pronounce ArcheAge?

YouTuber Naria had to give a little Mea culpa recently, admitting that he had been pronouncing ArcheAge all wrong. Have you? It’s easy to do.

Naria found that although the word “arch” is in ArcheAge and modified by an e, that doesn’t mean you pronounce it arch, as in your fallen arches. Instead it’s pronounced “ark” as in Ark of the Covenant.

Here’s a good rule of thumb. When thinking about ArcheAge, think of ducks. “There were ducks on Noah’s Ark,” and not, “The arch collapsed and horribly killed the ducks.”

Redditor GenOmega points out that the word used in ArcheAge isn’t the word for the architectural feature Arch with a funny spelling, but instead is the Greek word Arche, which means beginning or first. It’s the first age, in other words.

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